Get to know Cookie Inspired

Hi, my name is Sadaf. I live in Frisco, Texas. I am the owner of Cookie Inspired, a home based cookie provider. I am in my 30's  & I couldn't even tell you when I fell in love with baking & decorating cookies. What I can tell you is, sometimes life throws curve balls at you and next thing you know, you find yourself a hobby turned passion turned small business. We are a family of 5. My husband, who is my best friend & who I can share anything with, is probably one of the best things that has happened to me ;)  Also, he was a major help setting up this website, I could not have done it without him. We've been married for almost a decade come December 2019!!! ( I cannot really believe it's been that long!) We have 2 beautiful daughters 5 & 3. And a handsome little man who turned 1 few months ago. So, yeah. All kids under 5, it's pretty chaotic in our house and never a dull moment. 

Cookie Inspired came to be after I baked for family only, a few times and all the appreciation that followed, along with a little push. I am still learning and trying to better my skills every chance I get. Two things I’ve learnt from my parents is patience and hard work. And I try my best to follow that. (Patience part is very hard! I don’t mind the hard work though)

The goal is to put out my best cookies every time I take an order. So that my customers can have these perfect little edible pieces of decor for their event. And I have to say, I've been blessed with the best customers, who love & appreciate my work. And that is all one can ask for when you put your heart & soul into something. I decided to take it a step further and setup this website so all my customers can have a smoother inquiry/ordering experience. I am thankful for the love and support I’ve received from family & friends and my customers.  I hope to make some cookies for you again. And if I haven't already, come on! What are you waiting for?!!

In the end all I have to say is, life can be difficult sometimes but let's take it "one day at a time" & " One cookie at a time".